Use a computer

The Library has several Internet Access computers available for patrons to use during regular library hours. 
There is no charge for online time. However, there is a charge of 25 cents per black and white copy and 50 cents per color copy for printing.

The Library also offers free Wifi access that reaches outside the building. You are welcome to use the Wifi in the library during regular hours on your personal devices or after hours in the area outside the building.

Computer use is on a first-come, first-service basis. The Library reserves the right to limit computer time to one half hour during times of high demand.
A maximum of 2 people will be allowed at a computer at one time.
No food or drink is allowed in the computer area.
Patrons may not use their own software or download anything onto the library computers.
Misuse of computers will result in the loss of your computer privileges. The length of the suspension
is at the discretion of the library staff.


Children's Computers

The Library is very fortunate to have two AWE children's computers.

Located in the Children's room, these computers are preloaded with educational materials for early learning.
There is no Internet Access on either of these computers.

The computer usage rules from above apply to these computers also.