Faxing & Laminating Service

The Whittemore Public Library FAX machine is available during regular library hours for use by the public.

Personal or business FAX requests (transmissions between the Whittemore Public Library's machine and a non-library based machine) will be charged at the following rates:

            Sending:     $1.00 for the first page;
                                   .50 each for next 10 pages
                                   .25 for each page thereafter

            Receiving:      .25 per page

A staff member will assist in using the machine. Patrons must pay for their FAX calls when made. No provision is made for billing these calls.




Laminating Service

The Whittemore Public Library owns a GBC Docuseal Laminator that can laminate copies up to 11" x 17".
The Library staff will laminate copies for the public. The staff will advise patrons that laminating is a permanent process and the Library will not be responsible for damaged or destoyed items. If the patron is bringing in old, fragile documents or pictures to be laminated, they should check with an expert before the laminating process to make sure it can be laminated.

            Laminating Charges:
                                 .50  -  Social Security card size
                                 .75  -  4" x 6"
                             S1.50  -  8 1/2" x 11"
                             $2.50  -  11" x 17"